четвер, 21 січня 2021 р.

Cookies are dangerous

 A few years ago, I've made a shocking discovery that cookies associated with your website may prevent people from browsing it without you or your technical team even knowing about it!

I consider myself reasonably technical and my inability to access the #microsoft.com website was really puzzling.

Turns out, I was not clearing my #cookies often enough (but seriously - who does it on daily basis? :) ). The problem itself is an alarming one as it might be challenging to proactively spot it and resolve it before a vast number of users get infected by a cookie size.

With the recent focus on #privacy (anti-cookie campaign) run by tech giants, specifically #Apple with its amazing ITP I would think the cookie count and average cookie size would go down, but that does not seem to be the case and in fact, we got companies contacting us and reporting the problem.

C'mon - it's 2021 (not _2020 won_) now! Stop using cookies, please!

I have worked with our major clients to ensure they are safe and to help prevent the problem.